Freitag, 17. April 2015

You're Still There

You nearly forced me to say it. So, what's best on you – a letter from M.

I don't know how to begin because you don't have one special feature. There are a lot of little ones. What I like most are your eyes especially on Sunday mornings when waking up rested and they watched you while sleeping.

But it may also be your nose which is mostly warmer than your fingers or your toes or my nose.
It may be your ears which are a little bit sensitive but I like to kiss and suck.
Or your cheeks to poke.
Or your hair I somehow always felt in my face.
Or your stomach which was soft but not fat. It was just soft and warm and smooth.
Or your legs whether they were smooth or prickly.
Or your little legs with tiny toes.
Or your absurd tall back which was scratched very often.
Then maybe your juicy botty and breasts.

But your humorous character beats all of this. On the one hand you're a child but on the other hand you are nearly grown up.

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